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Why Do So Many Websites Use WordPress?

Why Do So Many Websites Use WordPress?

There are dozens of platforms available for building websites, but none is more popular than WordPress. Since its debut in 2003, WordPress has become the easiest and most robust way for new and established businesses to reach and engage potential customers, showcase and sell products and services, and distribute information to a wide audience – all without having a fat IT budget to get started.

Here are just a few of the advantages offered by WordPress that help explain its growing popularity as a content management system that small and large organizations have come to rely on:

  1. Open Source – It’s freely available, supported by a large community of developers worldwide and can be modified without copyright infringement.
  2. Simple to Use – It lets users easily edit its format and features, and can handle a wide variety of media formats, including videos, photos, images and audio files.
  3. Completely Customizable – It works with thousands of free and premium website templates (themes) to provide virtually endless opportunities for customization.
  4. Ease of Integration – Plug-ins add functionality to a website and thousands of free and paid options are available.
  5. E-commerce Ready – Originally developed as a blogging platform, WordPress offers users a fully customizable e-commerce experience for even the largest businesses.
  6. Mobile Responsive – Large corporations use WordPress because they know their website will be 100% mobile responsive and usable by everyone.
  7. SEO Friendly – WordPress is exceptionally SEO friendly. There is also a wide variety of SEO optimization plug-ins available that provide more control over how your website is ranked and described in search engine results.
  8. Safe and Secure – WordPress is developed with security in mind. You can make your website safer from hackers, malware and other threats by implementing various security plug-ins.
  9. Proven and Trusted – As of October 2023, 45.8% of all websites on the Internet use WordPress. This is an increase from 43.2% in 2022. In other words, more than two out of every five websites use WordPress, a testament to the platform’s reliability.
  10. Future Proof – The non-profit WordPress Foundation ensures that WordPress continues to grow as a stable web publishing platform for generations to come through the commitment of thousands of users, developers, and small businesses.

WordPress is also very flexible and extensible, meaning that it can adapt and change to your requirements as they evolve. So there’s no need to throw everything out and start over when your organization changes direction, reorganizes, downsizes, or gets hit with a pandemic. WordPress can get you through whatever comes next.


Nathan Muller is the author of 29 technical books and over 3,000 articles that have appeared in 75 publications worldwide. He also writes articles, blogs and social media content for tech companies and their executives.

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