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Core Team

Decades of Experience

The Xpheria team brings decades of diverse technical, publishing and design experience to serving customers in a broad range of sectors and industries.

Linda Muller – Founding Partner

Linda has a long track record of Internet innovation. In early 1995, Linda was among the first webmasters to develop and deploy a blog on the Internet that went far beyond the text-based bulletin boards of the day. Its popularity caught on and evolved into today’s trendy Blogger websites.

In 1996, Linda was one of the earliest webmasters to use the Internet for building communities, a paradigm for today’s popular social networks. A 1996 study of presidential websites by the University of California at Berkeley noted her work for then-Presidential candidate Patrick J. Buchanan: “The Buchanan site emphasizes community building above all else…” The study concluded, “…the campaign makes the most thorough use of available Internet technologies of any we examined.”

Linda was the first person to demonstrate the effectiveness of the Internet for bringing about public policy change. In 1997, she developed a website that successfully organized an effort to stop the State of Alabama’s plan to fingerprint all residents who applied for a driver’s license, despite the state already having purchased millions of dollars in fingerprint equipment. Then-governor, Fob James, credited Linda’s website as the reason he changed his mind on the issue and scrapped the fingerprint plan.

In 2000, Linda was influential in getting the Federal Election Commission to approve of credit card donations to political campaigns, treating them as equivalent to donations by check, and qualifying credit card donations for federal matching funds.

Over the years, Linda has drawn praise from mainstream media for her innovative web work from such sources as CNN, Time Magazine, National Journal, Newsday, USA TODAY, The Richmond Times Dispatch, The Kansas City Star, The Atlanta Journal and Constitution, Mother Jones, The New Republic, National Public Radio, and many others. She has been acknowledged by Salon Magazine as “…one of the pioneers in the development of the political Web.”

Nathan Muller – Founding Partner

Nathan is a nationally recognized expert in Internet technologies through his published works, which include 29 technical books and over 3,000 technical articles in 75 publications worldwide.

His expertise is further demonstrated by his role as an ongoing expert witness in patent litigation related to Internet technologies and applications.

For 10 years he was on the Editorial Board of the International Journal of Network Management published by Wiley & Sons (UK) and a contributing technology analyst for the Gartner Group (Stamford, CT) for 15 years.

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