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Why WordPress is the Best Platform for Your Website

Why WordPress is the Best Platform for Your Website

WordPress is a popular content management system that is used to create feature-rich websites. Because it is built around open source standards, increasing levels of functionality can be added to your website through theme selection and plug-in software modules that also adhere to the standards.

Of the major content management systems, WordPress is the platform used by 42% of all websites globally and is on track to grow to 50% by 2025. The closest competitor is Shopify (3%), followed by Squarespace and, both at only 1.6%. This means that web developers are easy to find at a reasonable cost if your business standardizes on WordPress.

Here are just a few more reasons why WordPress should be the website development platform of choice for your business:

  • Once your website is in place and ready to use, WordPress makes it easy to add new pages, blog posts, and images on a regular basis
  • The code behind WordPress is very clean and simple, making it easy for search engines to read and index your site’s content
  • With a large, vibrant WordPress developer community, your website is better protected against obsolescence
  • Because WordPress allows for unlimited customization, you can develop a look and feel that suits your brand and which provides a unique experience for your visitors
  • WordPress is very scalable, which means you can have hundreds of thousands of pages without bogging down the performance of your site

Another important reason for using WordPress is security. The success of WordPress makes it a popular target among hackers. To keep the platform safe, a group of 50 highly-qualified individuals belonging to the WordPress Security Team play a critical role in maintaining the overall integrity of WordPress. They develop new technologies to minimize potential security threats, identify bugs, and release patches to keep the core of WordPress well protected.

A recent security feature added to WordPress is the application of digital signatures to the platform’s core updates. This prevents users from unknowingly receiving updates from a malicious source, even when the source appears to be legitimate.

There are extra security features that can be added to WordPress through plugins such as Wordfence to give you robust, layered protection from password guessing and credential stuffing attacks.

Plug-ins and themes are created by different developers and they also issue updates to address security vulnerabilities. So it will be important to select themes and plug-ins that are currently supported and not outdated or abandoned. Just as you would do for your computer operating systems and applications, it is important to run theme and plug-in patches as soon as they become avalable.

The question for businesses is not what platform can get your website up the quickest, but what platform will best meet your long-term objectives for content marketing, lead generation and customer support – while providing the features, flexibility and scalability to keep your website relevant long into the future.

WordPress delivers on all counts.


Nathan Muller is the author of 29 technical books and over 3,000 articles that have appeared in 75 publications worldwide. He also writes articles, blogs and social media content for tech companies and their executives.

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