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Phishing Still the Dominant Weapon Used in Cyber Attacks

Phishing Still the Dominant Weapon Used in Cyber Attacks

A comprehensive report by Infoblox, encompassing 13 global markets, highlights the overwhelming prevalence of phishing and its significant role in cyber attacks compared to other attack types.

According to Infoblox’s 2023 Global State of Cybersecurity Report, a staggering 81% of organizations became victims of phishing attacks within the past 12 months. Additionally, an alarming 60% of successful data breaches involved phishing as an integral part of the attack.

Phishing remains the most pervasive attack vector in today’s cyber landscape, according to Infoblox’s findings. Here is a breakdown of the percentages for other attack vectors:

  • Network attacks: 66%
  • Application attacks: 56%
  • Cloud attacks: 56%
  • Device/Endpoint attacks: 55%
  • Ransomware attacks: 53%
  • Supply Chain attacks: 50%

It is evident from these findings that prioritizing protection against phishing is crucial for your organization. Implementing solutions, platforms, policies, and processes, including Security Awareness Training, is imperative to ensure that no malicious email can successfully deceive your users and serve as a catalyst for a cyber attack.

Several training vendors, such as KnowB4, offer baseline testing through simulated attacks and ongoing assessments to help build a resilient and secure organization equipped to combat the threats posed by phishing.


Nathan Muller is the author of 29 technical books and over 3,000 articles that have appeared in 75 publications worldwide. He also writes articles, blogs and social media content for tech companies and their executives.

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