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Overcoming Ad Blockers to Get Your Messages Through

Overcoming Ad Blockers to Get Your Messages Through

Ad blockers may be popular, but nearly 60% of people who use them voluntarily disable – or “whitelist” – the technology for certain website pages or domains, according to a new consumer survey from Visual Objects.

Visual Objects surveyed 500 people who use ad blockers to understand their ad preferences and why they whitelist domains. The report’s findings can help businesses effectively market to ad blocker users by improving their ads’ user experience (UX) and putting consumers in control of their ad experiences through customization and feedback features.

Most People Whitelist Ads on Social Media
Over half of people who whitelist websites (56%) do so on social media. Experts say businesses can reach ad-blocking Internet users more effectively on social media channels. Social media ads are viewed as less intrusive – with most appearing within the feed – so ad-fatigued consumers are more likely to tolerate them or scroll right through them.

Ads on other types of websites often disrupt the user experience by slowing the load time of a page or creating a barrier to important content. Less than 30% of survey respondents whitelist news websites, and only 17% whitelist smaller blogs.

Social media ads offer a better user experience than traditional banner and pop-up ads, creating a channel for businesses looking to expand their advertising reach.

Users of Ad Blockers Want to Customize Their Ad Experiences
Social media is also ad blocker users’ favorite place to customize ads, with 45% of survey respondents having customized their Facebook ads, and two-thirds of ad blocker users (66%) having customized ads elsewhere online.

When businesses allow users to customize ads, it satisfies ad-blocking consumers’ desire to have more control over their ad experience. Being able to remove irrelevant ad experiences quickly results in more relevant, targeted ads. This helps both advertisers and users get better quality content.

For more information on this topic, read How to Advertise in the Age of Ad Blockers by Visual Objects.


Nathan Muller is the author of 29 technical books and over 3,000 articles that have appeared in 75 publications worldwide. He also writes articles, blogs and social media content for tech companies and their executives.

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